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Trump Drops BOMBSHELL On New York Times

He will not led this slide…

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President Trump was recently notified about “New York Times’ coverage of his administration’s response to the coronavirus.” The New York Times was caught omitting words from Trump’s statement deceiving people into thinking that the federal government would not be helping states.

Trump stated:

“If they’re going to say things that are false, like the story that was written yesterday. Somebody — I think I know who, but they taped the conference call that I had with the governors, it was a good call, it was fine. I assume somebody is going to tape it. They handed it to various people, and one of them was the New York Times and the New York Times chose to write totally inaccurately about it.”

“It was a disgraceful thing. It was bad journalism.”

Liberal media was always out to get Trump even before he got elected, but creating fake news during a crisis is too much. Now more than ever people need to stick together to defeat the pandemic.

Read the full story here.

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