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Pence Reveals MAJOR Coronavirus Update

Here’s what he said.

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According to Breitbart News, Vice President Mike Pence recently revealed that tens of thousands of tests will be available in the near future.

Pence said, “Well, what’s happening is that, as of last week, 10 states around the country had initiated drive-thru testing centers. But Sean, they were using the old, manual testing methods in labs, which could only test about 40 to 60 people a week. Because President Trump, two weeks ago, brought together the top commercial labs in the country, and because the FDA moved in record time, now, we have what are called high throughput tests, automated tests that can literally test thousands of people a day for the coronavirus.”

Pence further stated, “U.S. Public Health Service and FEMA are working with states around the country to build on the states’ efforts to establish drive-thru and community coronavirus testing centers. Those are coming online, starting tomorrow, and they’ll be widening their scope around the country.”

He added that “now that we have the commercial labs around the country with those high-speed, automated tests, you’re literally going to see tens of thousands of tests in the days and weeks ahead for the American people.” You can watch Pence make the announcement here.

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