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Mike Pence Issues Statement

Here’s what he said.

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According to Breitbart News, Vice President Mike Pence recently emphasized the importance of reopening the country, but stressed the need to do so “responsibly.”

“[M]y only answer any time people ask me about timing is two things: Number one, President Trump made it clear that we want to open up the country, but we’re going to do it responsibly. And number two, we’re going to do it based upon the data,” Pence told host Stuart Varney.

He added, “The president is anxious to give guidance based on the data to our governors so that they can decide whether it be reopening businesses, reopening schools about the best way to open our country up again.”

Pence further stated, “Whenever that timetable is — and the president expressed an aspirational goal of Easter, Stuart — the best thing every American can do to hasten the day is to put into practice the president’s ’15 Days to Slow the Spread.’” You can watch a clip of Pence’s statement here.

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