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Late Night Host LOSES It, Pushes RIDICULOUS Narrative

Liberals will twist facts just to fit their agenda…

According to The Blaze, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah doesn’t believe Atlanta spa shooter Robert Aaron Long’s claims that his violent crimes were motivated by race, and had choice words for the alleged shooter.

“First of all, f*** you, man,” Noah said. “You killed six Asian people. Specifically. You went there. If there’s anyone who’s racist, it’s a motherf***er who kills six Asian women. Your murders speak louder than your words.”

Noah didn’t stop there.

“Whatever you do, please, don’t tell me that this thing had nothing to do with race. Even if the shooter says that he thinks it has to do with his sex addiction, you can’t disconnect his violence from the racial stereotypes that people attach to Asian women,” he added. “This guy blamed a specific race of people for his problems and then murdered them because of it. If that’s not racism then the word has no meaning.”

You can read the full story here.

Image Credit: Decider

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