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Fox Host WARNS Trump’s Of His Toughest Political Opponent

Could he actually be right about this?

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Fox’s Chris Wallace recently raised concerns that many Republicans were fearful of 2020 presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg and that he was going to be a difficult opponent for President Trump.

According to Breitbart, Wallace stated, “The war of words between the president and Michael Bloomberg is quite astonishing. President getting some advice from people who support him, don’t go after Bloomberg because you are the president so all you are doing by attacking him is elevating him.”

Adding, “There are a lot of Republicans, Republicans yes who think Bloomberg is the toughest guy you could face. One because he’s got an even bigger campaign war chest than you do. Number two because he’s a relative moderate. There are some comments coming out but they are conservative comments or even potentially explosive on the right in terms of stop and frisk and redlining. Very hard to paint billionaire Michael Bloomberg as a socialist. So there is a lot of questions inside of the Republican Party. Do you really want to elevate Michael Bloomberg, because he could be a tough candidate in the fall.” You can watch a clip of Wallace’s warning here.

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