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Democrat Calls For WHO To RESIGN?

She’s going to regret this one.

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According to Breitbart News, Sen. Kamala Harris attacked Attorney General Bill Barr stating that he “should resign” for dropping the case against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Harris said, “This attorney general should resign. He has not been an attorney general representing the people of America. He’s not been the people’s attorney. He has been the hand of Donald Trump.”

She continued, “Let’s look at it. When we talk about the work of the United States Department of Justice, it is supposed to do justice. Well, when you have an attorney general in Barr, who allows Michael Flynn to withdraw his plea when he pled guilty to two counts that were violations of federal law, that’s not justice. When you look at Bill Barr allowing Roger Stone and reducing the recommended sentence from I believe it was seven to nine years to something like three years, that’s not justice.”

She added, “When you look then at Ahmaud Arbery and the fact that he was a young man, 25 years old, taking a jog and was cut down in life, and I’ve asked the Department of Justice and Bill Barr to investigate that and open an investigation into the police department there, the D.A.’s office there, and a civil rights violation and investigate whether there was one. When you look at Breanna Taylor, a woman who is 26 years old, Chris, an EMT, today is international nurse’s day. This young woman had a dream of becoming a Nurse, and she’s sitting in her apartment when she is killed by the police who were at the wrong place, trying to serve a warrant. There should be an investigation. That’s not justice, what has happened to those two young people. There is not justice coming out of Bill Barr’s Department of Justice. He should resign, let the career people who are there who are thankfully still sticking in with it, let them do the work of justice. This man doesn’t understand what it means to do justice. He does whatever is at the pleasure of President Trump, and he should resign.” You can watch a clip of Harris’ remarks here.

Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton – Trump – Republican – Democrat – MAGA – Elections – President Trump – Biden – Bernie – Florida
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