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CNN Host SNAPS After Republicans Quote MLK

He wasn’t happy about this…

According to The Blaze, CNN anchor Don Lemon attacked conservatives who celebrated the life of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. while continuing to support the “racist” President Donald Trump.

“Those Republicans like Mike Pence, putting out 50 tweets quoting Dr. King’s words, can you believe it?” Lemon ranted. “Like Mitch McConnell, who supported the president whose actions go against everything Dr. King stood for. Like Lindsey Graham, who allegedly called Georgia election officials to get them to throw out legal votes, including large numbers from black voters. Ted Cruz, who even after the riot on Capitol Hill, still voted against certifying the Electoral College vote.”

“One Republican after another apparently hoping that you’ll forget their support for a president who used race to pit Americans against each other.”

You can read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Yahoo!

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