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CNN Host Accidentally EXPOSES Himself

What was he thinking?

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According to Breitbart News, CNN host Chris Cuomo accidentally exposed his own hypocrisy when defending the protests stating there is no need to enforce a mandatory mask rule.

Cuomo said, “A protest is not organized by official entities. And you have all these sensitivities about how we wanted to keep the police and the protesters from clashing. Imagine what we would have done if we were enforcing mask policies. And, as you did point out, a lot of the protesters did wear masks. Maybe they will at this event as well. But it’s not apples to apples. And again, I see a political convenience being played in a situation that should be about public health, Dusty.”

Johnson responded, “Political convenience is saying, oh, as long as there’s not one organizer, then we don’t need to have a rule or a regulation that binds the crowds.”

Cuomo then asked, “For a protest?”

Rep. Dusty Johnson replied, “Absolutely. You can say, listen, everybody, these are the rules. You’ve got to follow the rules. But conveniently, CNN and your show weren’t calling for those kinds of regulations.”

Cuomo responded, “I was talking about super-spreaders with the protests. We had multiple segments about how it’s going to be wrong. But you cannot believe that this is apples to apples. You are organizing this by choice. Those are protests of people who, in many cases, are angry and outraged, and we’re trying to keep the temperature down. We, forget about me, I cover it. You are trying to keep it down. You make the decisions about how the police deal with protesters, on a large scale, and to have them enforce a no-mask policy when they’re already hitting the streets because of police intervention in their lives would have been madness. It’s not apples to apples, unless you’re only looking at this through a partisan lens, the left liked the protests, why don’t they like our fireworks display? I think that’s unfair and counterproductive.” You can read the full article here.

Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton – Trump – Republican – Democrat – MAGA – Elections – President Trump – Biden – Bernie – Florida
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