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CNN Breaks Down After THIS Comes Out

They are devastated… 

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The far-left news network CNN has toppled. Their spreading of conspiracy theories and promoting of violence against our President has garnered them LESS than a million viewers.

What’s even more crippling to CNN is that their worst enemy, Fox News, is averaging three million viewers. That is three times MORE than CNN.

The breakdown for average viewers for the week of February 10 was:

Fox: 3.2 million

MSNBC: 1.677 million

CNN: 969,000

The total viewership average was:

Fox: 1.743 million

MSNBC: 920,000

CNN: 630,000

What a joke. How could a channel “available in some 85 million homes” only attract 630,000 average viewers? People must be finally catching on that CNN will only show fake news especially fake news that slanders and attacks Trump.

The viewership will fall lower and lower until CNN becomes non-existent.

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