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Bernie Sanders Receives DIRTY Surprise During Rally

This is getting out of hand…

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Bernie Sanders’ rally was greeted again by topless, female animal rights activists demanding him to “cut his ties with the dairy industry.” Sanders was interrupted by the Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) for the first time while campaigning in Nevada.

While in California recently, he was again disrupted by the same protestors. They were saying, “We’re asking Bernie to stop propping up the cruel dairy industry. I have been to Vermont dairy farms and seen the animal abuse firsthand, piles of dead cows and baby cows chained in below-freezing weather.”

The protestor continued saying, “Babies are being taken from their mothers. That’s just the norm. I want Bernie to include this in his platform and speak up against this injustice.”

There is so much going on in his rallies with the topless female activists and a brawl happening while he was talking. Sanders’ supporters are just as radical as he is.

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