Wolff’s Book States Trump Frustrated With Family In D.C.

In a new book by Michael Wolff titled, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, it has now be exposed that President Trump was frustrated with his early White House staff.

According to Wolff, President Trump made statements during several phone conversations that showed severe frustration.

Wolff stated,

When he got on the phone after dinner, he’d speculate on the flaws and weaknesses of each member of his staff. Bannon was disloyal (not to mention he always looks like shit). Priebus was weak (not to mention he was short — a midget). Kushner was a suck-up. Sean Spicer was stupid (and looks terrible too). Conway was a crybaby. Jared and Ivanka should never have come to Washington.

Wolff also went as far as to say, “He was a river of grievances, which recipients of his calls promptly spread to the ever-attentive media.”