Why Omarosa Isn’t Credible

Former Arkansas Governor and former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee recently explained to Fox News as to why Omarosa holds no credibility.

Huckabee stated, “Interestingly though, she was saying wonderful things about Donald Trump throughout the campaign, throughout…a year or so in office, up until she got fired. Then she gets fired, she waits until the book comes out, now she can’t say anything nice, it’s all bad. So, here’s the question, which time was she lying? Was she lying then, or is she lying now, or is she lying both times? The one thing we’ve established, she’s a liar, can’t be trusted. And I don’t know why in the world anybody would give her a media interview and pretend that she has something credible to say. She doesn’t.”

Fox’s Trish Regan then asked as to why President Trump hired Omarosa to begin with.

Huckabee replied, “I think it was a matter of President Trump, then-candidate Trump, sort of feeling like, hey, you know, she’s been with me a long time and I’ll give her something to do, even though, from all indication, there wasn’t a whole lot that there was ever found for her to do, that she could do competently. And that was part of the problem. So, you could blame the president on this one and say he should never have hired her. There should have been a better vetting process. Those are fair criticisms, and I’ll be the first to admit that. But her betrayal, her sense of complete dishonesty and disloyalty, is appalling. The only thing that it is equaled by is the fact that the very people in the media who had nothing but contempt for her before she started trashing Trump, now they just are eating her with a spoon. They can’t get enough of her. And I just find that absolutely revealing about the real motives of some of the media people.”