Whoopi Goldberg defends flag burning

ABC’s “The View” spiraled into intense disagreement on Wednesday after liberal co-host Whoopi Goldberg said some people burn the American flag because they “get angry.”

“The flag does not always represent all of its people. All of its people were not taken care of under our flag. People are angry. They sometimes get angry and they burn the flag,” Goldberg said.

Co-host Paul Faris then weighed in on the controversial subject, saying that while Americans may have the right to burn the flag, those who do so often “hate” the U.S. But that assertion didn’t sit well with Goldberg.

“They don’t hate this country. Stop saying that,” Goldberg retaliated.

Faris then likened those in America who burn the flag to people at the dinner table who don’t care for the food being served. In each of those cases, Faris said the unhappy individuals should “just leave,” to which Goldberg responded, “Why just leave?”

“Why not just have something else that’s on the table?” Goldberg asked.