What This Islamic Sex Gang Said About “White Women”

Muslim gang claim white women are “TRASH” and are “Only Good for “F**KING.”

The mostly-Islamic gang also claimed that the police who arrested them are “racist” and made sure to claim that their victims were also racists and liars.

“Grooming gangs” have become a widespread problem throughout Europe, specifically in the UK, and target young women and girls to be used as prostitutes and sex slaves.

This is yet another example of why President Trump’s common sense travel ban is so important, and why we must be extremely cautious who we allow into our country.

From Breitbart

A member of the mostly-Muslim Newcastle sex grooming gang, which preyed on teenage girls, once told a female ticket inspector: “White women are good for only one thing – for people like me to f*** and use as trash.”

Badrul Hussain, 37, (pictured, right) was found guilty of four drug offences Wednesday as part of ‘Operation Sanctuary’, the UK’s largest investigation into grooming gangs since Rochdale and Rotherham.


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