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Was Kavanaugh Being “Aberrant” During His Hearing

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele claimed that the GOP and President Trump are “ignoring” Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s “aberrant” actions during his testimony.

Steele stated, “Let’s start with what the president said; at a base level, there is truth in the idea that we don’t want to create an environment in which anyone can be accused of something falsely or wrongly to get back, payback, you know, for bad date or something like that, God forbid. But then the question becomes so then what is the resolution of that? How do you begin to solve that particular question? What are you contributing, Mr. President, to helping us as a nation deal with something that is so profoundly important in light of the nominee you have put forward and the issues that have been raised there? So the answer to that is, ‘Nothing. I have nothing to contribute other than to bloviate about how bad this is for white men.’”

“He’s not the right messenger given the baggage that he brings to the table on this issue. There’s still at least 18 to 20 unresolved accusations against the sitting president of the United States on this very issue. Of which we have him on tape giving us a sort of how-to in terms of what he does and how he approaches women in his relationships.”

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace stated, “Grab them in the bleep.”

Steele said, “Exactly. So you have that piece. The other piece, though, is how you put in motion and set up the conversation of Judge Kavanaugh. It’s not any longer about the allegations. That’s going to be resolved by the FBI. Now we have to step back and look at how the man performed. How he responded as a judge under fire in a critical situation which was very clearly an aberrant response. I was sitting there with the jaw open, ‘Like dude really?’ Particularly when he went after Senator Klobuchar in a very personal way. That to me should bring a pause to everyone. You know, Nicolle, it won’t. Our team is prepared to die on the hill for this man and take with it every value that we have in that relationship with women.”