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Unbelievable! Loopy Left-Wingers Take Potshots at Olympic Gold Medalist

As the 2016 Olympic Games got going in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the first gold medalist was from the USA!

While many were excited, there are always left-wing nitpickers looking to stir up trouble, and this time was no exception.
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The first Olympic gold medalist of the 2016 games in Rio is a record-setting American girl with a gun – and the anti-gun crowd is already throwing a fit all over the internet.

19-year-old Ginny Thrasher first picked up a rifle on a deer hunting trip five years ago with her father and her grandfather – now she’s a gold medalist.

The West Virginia University freshman won her gold in the women’s 10-meter air rifle finals – widely considered to be one of the most mentally challenging sports in the games due to the level of competition.

Thrasher’s win was a surprise to the experts, who had expected she wouldn’t even pick up a medal, let alone a gold one.

Not only did Thrasher beat her competition – she set a new Olympic record with a score of 208.0 points!

Tweets of praise poured in for the Virginia native, who is a freshman at West Virginia University.

The praise came quickly from many, including conservative radio host and 2nd Amendment firebrand Dana Loesch:

Image 010

Thrasher also got a shout out from Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, another outspoken supporter of the 2nd Amendment:

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But almost as quickly, anti-gun fanatics plowed in to spew ignorant jokes all over the Internet.


We say ignore the party poopers, and congratulations, Ginny!

Just keep smiling and keep shooting straight!
What do you think about the mixed reception for this young All-American gold medalist?

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