Trump Will Not Give Up On Wall

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway recently spoke to Fox News where she stated that President Trump “is not softening his stance” on America’s border security, whether he shuts down the government or not.

“[T]his president believes first and solemn duty is to keep us safe and that includes enhanced border security, keep all this poison, all these drugs flowing over our southern border. And people who are risking their lives and coming here illegally,” Conway said. “The second point doesn’t change the fact that the border is so for porous, that all of the sudden it’s gotten worse since those Democrats voted for border security 12 years ago. It’s only gotten worse. So this president is not going to back down from that. And he will continue to fight for that funding. It’s not just a wall. He said in a tweet overnight it’s not just a wall.”

After being asked if Trump is “willing” to enforce a government shutdown, Conway claimed it was a possibility.

“The president has said that he is willing to do what he has to do to get that border security, including a government shutdown,” she said. “Now, we’ll see what the Senate and the House — what they come together and present to the president..”