Political Drama

Trump Supporter Confronts Maxine Waters

For the past few months, Democrat California Rep. Maxine Waters has been screaming almost daily about how President Donald Trump should be impeached — except when she’s backtracking and insisting she’s never said anything about impeachment.

While Waters’ idiotic rhetoric has endeared her to liberals around the nation, it hasn’t sat well with some of the people in the district she claims to represent, Fox News reported.

On Monday, Waters was confronted by a resident of her district who wasn’t too happy about the Democrat’s constant Trump bashing, and she made her displeasure with Waters known.

The woman, an obvious Trump supporter, asked Waters why she isn’t representing people in her district who voted for Trump. Rather than give an actual answer, Waters restored to attacking Trump.

“I can’t stand him. He’s the most horrible man I’ve ever seen in my life,” Waters explained. “Your president is a dishonorable, lying man.

“He talked about grabbing women by the private parts. He lies every day.”


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/trump-supporter-maxine-waters/