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Trump Believes He’s “brilliantly” Used The Tax Laws

My expectation yesterday was that he’d spin the NYT story the same way he spun his corporate bankruptcies and his patronage of Democratic pols, treating his tax liability as yet another way that he’d exploited a system set up by, and for the benefit of, snotty coastal elites. That’s the one patch of common ground that Trump the rich kid turned billionaire playboy has in common with his blue-collar base: They’re both palpably disdained by America’s political class, so much so that many Americans have come to the false conclusion that Trump was born into a family that was middle-class, lower-class, or even poor. The truth is the opposite, but between his “political incorrectness” and the contempt that the political and media establishments have for him, he can get away with selling himself as the average guy who’s outwitted the corrupt snobs and is now exploiting their cushy legal loopholes for his own benefit. Surely no one would hold that against him, would they? Why, you’d do the same thing yourself if you were in his position.

He had that shtick working pretty well today in Colorado.

“This is not the fault of the IRS, but the political class that is owned outright by the special interests and lobbyists, believe me. It is these politicians who wrote the tax code and are constantly adding, revising and changing an already over-complicated set of laws, all at the behest of their favorite donors and special interests, who want certain provisions put in. And they won’t take no for an answer…”

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