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Tomi Lahren announces NEW gig…

Political commentator Tomi Lahren seems to be getting her career back on track, taking a job with the pro-Trump group Great American Alliance after things seemed to get derailed.

Lahren used to be hot and heavy over at Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze,” until she made contradictory comments on television about being pro-choice, when at other times claiming to be pro-life.

This led to a massive falling out between the youthful pundit and Beck, which culminated in lawsuits and settlements.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has been hired by the pro-Donald Trump group Great American Alliance for a communications role.

The nonprofit group’s leaders announced Lahren’s hiring on Monday.

The organization wants to use Lahren’s “growing national profile” to help promote the group’s mission, which includes mobilizing grassroots support for President Trump’s agenda.

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