Taliban Publishes Magazine Promoting Jihad

The Pakistani branch of the Taliban, Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), has published the first edition of a propaganda magazine aimed at persuading women to engage in jihad on their behalf.

In an opening editorial, the magazine encourages “women of Islam to come forward and join the ranks of mujahideen [holy warriors],” reports the Guardian.

“Organize secret gatherings at home and invite like-minded jihadi sisters,” suggests the editorial. “Distribute literature reflecting on the obligation of jihad, arrange physical training classes for sisters. Learn how to operate simple weapons. Learn the use of grenades.”

The magazine, titled Sunnat-i-Khaula (“The Way of Khaula”), is named after the 7th-century female Muslim warrior Khaula.

Taliban jihadists are staunch opponents of women’s rights. Nevertheless, “the 45-page magazine attempts to depict support from a section of society traditionally despised by the militant group,” notes the Guardian.


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