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Sharon Osbourne Discusses Les Moonves

On CBS’s “The Talk,” co-host Sharon Osbourne spoke about the husband of co-host Julie Chen, Les Moonves, and his removal from the network following multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

Osbourne stated, “OK, first of all, I want to say that whatever times of hardship I have had over the last eight years, Julie has always been there for me. She’s been a friend. She is somebody who I admire and respect greatly. And it’s very embarrassing and upsetting to have to talk about her husband, but we do. We feel it’s right. I personally knew Les Moonves in a superficial way, it was hello how are you, nothing more. I know nothing about the man other than he was Julie’s husband and he was the head of the biggest network in the world. And the most powerful man in TV. I was asked a couple of months ago to make a statement supporting Leslie, which I felt I was as diplomatic as I could be with the statement that I made, but now after seven more women have come out, the stories are so similar, the pattern is so similar, that for me – he’s not been convicted of any crime, but obviously the man has a problem.”

Co-host Sara Gilbert added, “I agree Julie is our friend. This is our ninth season and we have been together since the beginning. I love her and I support her always. However this is an important time in our culture, and just because this hits close to home, it doesn’t change this story. All women’s stories, and these women’s stories, matter. This is very serious, and the appropriate actions need to take place. And so I am happy when women are heard because for a long time, they haven’t been.”

Osbourne continued, “Why is it that when men get power, it goes to their testicles? I do not know why, but it’s true.”