Schumer Speaks On Kavanaugh Dispute

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) believes that the very controversial confirmation process of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh ended up helping the Democrats more than than hurting them in the midterms.

Schumer stated, “The bottom line is, you know, Kavanaugh dispute, I think, helped us more than it hurt us. It’s one of the reasons we won the House so decisively. Its one of the reasons we won governorships in so many states because suburban voters, traditionally Republican, came to our side. If the coalition — the old Democratic coalition can add suburban voters to it and continue to focus on issues like health care, which matter to working class Americans throughout the country, we’re going to win.”

“West Virginia, the state that Trump won by more votes than any other, other than Wyoming, Joe Manchin, despite President Trump’s efforts, won. He focused exclusively on health care. The issue of health care, infrastructure and jobs will resonate in rural America, in suburban America and urban America and the way it helped us in 2018, it’s going to help here. I think the president lost more votes because of the Kavanaugh issue than gained throughout the country.”