Schemer Says Republicans Will Cause Government Shutdown

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schemer just gave the run-down of the happenings in the Senate. He stated that if Congress fails to reach an agreement on legislation, responsibility of the resulting government shutdown will  “fall on the Republicans’ backs.”

Here is his full statement, “We just had a caucus. We don’t know whether the House will send us this bill, but the revulsion toward that bill was broad and strong.”

He continued, “We Democrats believe that want to do everything we can to avoid a shutdown, but we Democrats believe if there is one, it will fall on the Republicans’ backs, plain and simple. Why? Number one, they are in charge—78% of the American people believe the Republicans will be to blame if there is a shutdown. Second, who called for the shutdown? Not a Democrat, but Donald Trump has repeatedly said on tape, over and over again what the country needs is a good shutdown. We hope to avoid it. We will do everything we can to avoid it. We hope we will. But if we don’t it will fall on their backs.”