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Schiff Labels Trump As “Embarrassment” To U.S.

If he wants to see the real embarrassment he should look in the mirror.

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Recently on ABC’s “The View,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) called President Trump’s actions in Iran an embarrassment to the United States.

According to Breitbart, Co-host Joy Behar asked, “President Trump didn’t notify the so-called Gang of Eight before he took out Soleimani, but he did tell Lindsey Graham on the golf course. Now, he claims that he didn’t share the news with you or Nancy because you would leak it to the media. Your reaction, sir?”

Schiff replied, “Well, you know, it’s embarrassing for a president to behave the way he does and say half of the things that he does.”

Adding, “The fact that the only person in Congress apparently who was briefed on this was Lindsey Graham either on the golf course or at the buffet line tells you all you need to know about how seriously this president takes his responsibility to consult with Congress. I’m glad we passed a resolution in Congress to reassert Congress’ role in the war-making process. We came perilously close to an all-out war with Iran over the last week. Congress needs to exercise the authority it’s given by the Constitution to declare war or refuse to authorize war.” You can watch a clip of Schiff’s comments here.

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