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Rudy Giuliani TEARS Into John Bolton, Leaves Him SPEECHLESS

He got what he deserved.

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According to Breitbart News, Rudy Giuliani slammed former National Security Advisor John Bolton amid reports of Bolton’s leaked manuscript claiming Trump wanted to withhold aid from Ukraine.

Giuliani ripped Bolton as “a backstabber” and said he was never told he had an issue with the Trump administration putting pressure on Ukraine.

“The only conclusion I can come to — and it’s a harsh one and I feel very bad about it — [Bolton is] a backstabber,” the former New York City mayor told CBS News’ Catherine Herridge.

Giuliani added, “He never said to me I’ve got a problem with what you are doing in Ukraine. Never once. Never winked. Never sent me a little note. That’s classic backstabber.” You can read the full article here.

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