Republican Reminds World The U.S. Isn’t An Orphanage

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) recently told CNN that under the current financial state of the United States, allowing “billions” of “refugees” to attempt to enter the country was simply not something we as a nation could afford.

“There are literally billions, billions of people who could make that same kind of argument,” he stated. “But the bottom line is, as much as we might want to have compassion for people around the planet that are under these circumstances, America cannot afford it. The Congressional Budget Office, Government Accountability Office, Comptroller General of the United States of America — they’ve all warned us that the current financial path is unsustainable. Translate that into the United States government is going to go insolvent and bankrupt unless we change our ways, and this is one of the ways in which we can change our ways. We cannot afford to be the planet’s orphanage — the place where everybody comes and lives off the hard work of Americans and lawful immigrants who are already here.”