Pathetic Democrat TARGETS Trump’s Family

Image credit: National Review

This is pathetic, hopefully we can make them pay in November at the ballot box.

Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) recently appeared on MSNBC and pathetically accused President Trump’s kids of “grifting” off his presidency.

According to Breitbart, McCaskill stated, “As we talk about the Bidens, the thing that hasn’t been talked about very much is the grifting going on in this White House. If it is, in fact, because Joe Biden’s son was surfing off his last name to get a gig, even though there’s no impropriety accused of or no law broken, what in the world has the Trump organization done all this time in the White House? They increased the price of the rooms three-fold when the Republicans are meeting at the resorts. They say nothing of what they’re doing overseas. The grifting going on. I want Joe Biden to stand up and look at trump and say hey, get your kids out of the White House, and then we can talk about mine.”

She added, “Talk about coming at this with dirty hands. Their hands are black with the way they have surfed and made money off their presidency, their family. It’s incontrovertibly. Many, many reports have been done. Somebody needs to start asking about the Trump kids. ” You can watch a clip of McCaskill’s slanderous comments here.