Outside groups come to Trump’s rescue

President Trump has been battling opposing forces from all directions.

However, the tide is turning now that three key groups have begun saturating the airwaves with cable news ads that praise the President’s first wildly successful trip abroad as president, attack former FBI Director James Comey and rip apart a Democratic candidate’s agenda in a special House election in Georgia.

With Trump’s approval rating in the dumps these days, such help is sorely needed.

The first nonprofit group, which was created during Trump’s campaign, is called The Great America Alliance. This week, they started running a 30-second ad on Fox News and CNN titled “Showboat,” which is aimed at undermining Comey before he testifies in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Using a word Trump once attached to Comey, the former FBI director is accused of “putting politics over protecting America” and ignoring terrorism to focus on bogus election meddling.

Serving as a pro-Trump super PAC during his campaign, The Great America Alliance features former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) as chairmen. Most recently, the group hired conservative activist Tomi Lahren, 24, after she was ousted from Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze.

“I was hesitant to join any group,” said Lahren, adding, “But the mainstream media and the hard left are so well-funded and organized — we conservatives need more of a ground game, and I thought I could help. There was a void in reaching the young female audience, and I’m a firebrand — I go for the jugular.”

Boasting millions of followers on social media, Lahren has been a vocal supporter of the President. “I’ve had a lot of success on social media and know how to connect better than most online,” she said, adding,”If we’re going to be a big-tent Republican Party, we need to get the pro-Trump message out.”

America First Policies (AFP) launched in late January, and its membership is comprised of former Trump campaign and administration officials. The group was rumored to have had some issues in the past, but spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, the former spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, dismissed them as meaningless speculation.

“Unsourced reports are impossible to debate,” she told reporters. “It’s been my experience that these reports are usually based in fantasy and not from reliable individuals. There has always been an unhealthy focus on process, the people surrounding President Trump and those who support him. America First was formed around the inauguration, but was not designed to be active until the legislative process.”

The group spent $400,00 on a cable news ad which celebrated Trump’s first trip abroad, and this week a new ad is going after Democrat Jon Ossoff ahead of the Georgia House special election.

According to AFP President Brian O. Walsh,  the group plans to invest in national ads promoting Trump, supporting the president’s agenda, and publicizing House and Senate races when there is an opening.

“Look, when you’re standing up what will in the long term be a large and consequential organization, it takes time,” said Walsh. “You don’t turn on an organization just by flipping a switch. You look at where we were in that first month — by mid-May, all of a sudden we’d done $3 million on healthcare and now we’re playing in Georgia, in addition to the national ads on Trump’s foreign trip. The early questions had a lot more to do with the logistical back-end stuff. We’re moving into stage two.”


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