Nearly 1 Million Illegal Aliens Get Driver’s Licenses

In January 2015, California “residents” no longer were required to prove that they were American citizens in order to obtain  a driver’s license. All they had to do was “show eligible proof of identification and residency in the state.”

Under the law, “no one may discriminate against a holder of an AB-60 license, or use this license to attempt to question the holder’s citizenship or immigration status.”

But the law also says “these driver’s licenses may not be used for identification purposes.” Odd, since one of the main requirements for registering to vote is a state driver’s license or ID number.

Still, never mind that. Despite the very clear danger that the law could be misused, business is booming in Cali.

Nearly a million illegal aliens will have driver’s licenses by the end of the year, the Sacramento Bee reports.


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