Mike Brown’s Dad on Ferguson Riots: “They Asked for It”

All eyes have been nervously watching Ferguson, Missouri, over the past few days after filmmaker Jason Pollock released a so-called “documentary” which he claimed showed that Michael Brown didn’t actually rob the store he was accused of robbing before his fatal confrontation with a police officer.

The film, “Stranger Fruit,” has been widely criticized for selectively editing the security camera footage to make it look like Brown had actually bartered marijuana for the cigars he was accused of stealing. However, some people, including Brown’s biological father, Michael Brown Sr., say they believe the premise, Breitbart reported.

In fact, during an interview about the film, Brown’s father seemed to blame Ferguson itself for the riots that engulfed the city a few years ago.

“Maybe the city of Ferguson wouldn’t have gotten tore up like that,” Brown Sr. said. “It’s almost like they asked for it, if you ask me, for not keeping no truth in there.”

CNN reported that Brown Sr. also claimed that this documentary is “proof” that the police “lied to the world” about his son’s death by only putting out “half a video to destroy his character in his death.”

It’s ironic that Brown Sr. is using this very selectively edited film to accuse the police of selectively editing their film. Apparently, the word “irony” is lost on him.


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/mike-browns-father-ferguson/