Media Refuses to Cover Muslim Crime in Sweden

Sweden is a bastion of crime perpetrated by newly arrived Muslim migrants. So spectacular is the criminality spike, the mainstream media can’t help but cover it like a fat pride feminist covers her busty chest. With abundant selfie-snaps.

Kidding! Since much of the illegal shenanigans are committed by Islamists, the media has instead chosen to cover KellyAnne Conway sitting on a couch. But fake news is only pushed by the right, you guys.

No, the rise of migrant crime in Sweden is not news in the same way as Jeff Sessions might be a double secret KGB spy for Putin, but it should tickle the media Richter scale a touch (see Nigel Farage Schools Clueless Media: Sweden IS the Rape Capital of Europe and SWEDEN: Men Rape Girl and Live Stream it to Facebook. Yep, They’re Migrants…). I guess so long as “rape” doesn’t involve white college frat boys, leftists think there’s nothing to see here. Everything is fine and dandy in Sweden.

This is a round about way of saying the Sweden is a Dung Pile of Muslim Crime requires independent journalists free of media corporate narratives (which they’re defending over the well-being of countless women and men who are victims of Muslim crime) to investigate it. Enter independent journalist Tim Pool, who wants to actually investigate what’s going on in Sweden. Check out Pool’s YouTube page to see some of his reports so far.


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