Judge Jeanine TORCHES Democrats With The Sad Truth

Image credit: Fox News

This is why Trump in the first place!

Recently on Fox News, Jeanine Pirro attacked the Democrats for refusing to enforce the law when it came to illegal immigration.

According to Brietbart, Pirro claimed that the left needed the vote of illegals because “law-abiding Americans” no longer side with them.

“These political clowns don’t care that Americans overwhelmingly support enforcement of the law,” Pirro stated. “So why wouldn’t the left? It’s simple. Their goal is power. They get that power when illegals vote because they know they’ve lost the vote of law-abiding Americans – the ones that support the Constitution, the foundation of our laws.”

“The leftists, on the other hand, prefer to subjugate the laws of the land, even if it means sacrificing the rest of us at their altar of political correctness and identity politics,” Pirro added. “They know that if they give illegals driver’s licenses, they can then use as a point of identification to register to vote. They get another voter. But you might not even need that. There are politicians interested in having illegals just go vote.” You can watch a clip of Pirro’s comments here.