How Many Seats Can The Democrats Actually Win?

Moderator for “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd spoke about the close congressional special election result in Ohio’s 12th district and came to the conclusion that the Democratic Party can possibly gain 40 to 60 House seats in the 2018 midterms.

Todd stated, “Not only was it that razor thin, look at the amount of triage that the Republicans Party did here. The Democrats weren’t really targeting this race. This was a special election that popped up when the sitting member decided to leave early to take a job. The Republican Party spent over $3 million just on a single race. They sent in the president at the last minute. When you think about it, this district, that hasn’t been in Democratic Party hands since Ronald Reagan was president  And if it took all of this to essentially get to a tie in a district that the president carried by double digits, they can’t do that 435 districts at the same time in November.”

“You do it a special election at the time and sort of bail out water and triage and maybe save a district here and save a district there. When they are all on the ballot at the same time most of these don’t go that way. This is why Democrats are now heavy favorites to take control of the House. I think the question really is the size. Is it 30 seats, 40 seats, 50 seats? They have a night like this, like they did in Ohio, they could win 40 to 60 seats.”