Hillary Speaks On America’s Border Crisis

Image credit: New York Post

Why Hillary Clinton is still giving her two cents about presidential matters is still a mystery to most.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decided to bash President Trump claiming that he shouldn’t declare a national emergency over a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Clinton stated, “I just don’t think you should call national emergencies unless there truly is a national emergency. There’s no national emergency at our border. And he’s frustrated because he can’t even get his own party to support his request. And he shouldn’t be breaking new ground and causing new precedents that really may come back to not only haunt him, but our country. He should go through regular order. He couldn’t get Congress when he had Republican control. He can’t get it now. Then work with Congress. Every Democrat, every Republican wants to do what is right to secure our border. They disagree with his demand that there is only one way to do that.”

With the constant push back from Democrats regarding President Trump’s wall, do you agree with Hillary’s comments?