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Gays for Trump?

Washington (CNN)A prominent gay Republican is coordinating an effort to mobilize a coalition of conservative lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) voters in support of Donald Trump, CNN has learned, a project that has intensified in the wake of a terrorist attack at a gay club in Orlando, Florida.

Chris Barron, the former president of the now-defunct gay conservative group GOProud, was recently a vocal Trump critic, but now is circulating a letter among like-minded members of the LGBT community, arguing that Republican Trump will better-suited to protect them from acts of extremism as president than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I have no doubt that Donald Trump would be better for LGBT Americans,” Barron said in an interview with CNN. “Hillary Clinton wants to continue a reckless foreign policy that has made the world less safe for all Americans, including LGBT Americans. She can find plenty of time to crucify Christians in the U.S. for perceived anti-gay bias, but when we’ve got ISIS throwing gay people off of buildings, when we have Muslim states that are prescribing the death penalty for people who are gay, I would think this would be something that a friend of the LGBT community would be able to speak out on, and Hillary Clinton finds it unable to do so.”

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source: http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/15/politics/gays-for-donald-trump/index.html

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  • Bob

    If Trump goes along with that flavor of the week fringe group then he has lost our votes.

    • Larry Velasco

      I voted “YES” on Prop 8 in California but those liberal butt-heads didn’t allow it after WE passed it twice. So, some might ask, WHY VOTE? I’ll tell ya WHY. IF, that MURDEROUS BITCH hillary gets in, we are FORKED. She is EVIL. She and barry soetoro hussein are the two most CORRUPT, DISHONEST, LYING, and in hilary’s case, MURDEROUS people ever to be or run for president in OUR country. It’s time for real AMERICANS to stand up and let THEM know, WE are through with all of their BS and are, CAPABLE of FIXING THE PROBLEM. THEY, are the PROBLEM. So, maybe THEY are smart enough to know who WE mean. VOTE TRUMP. I don’t like homosexuality either. I dislike it as much as I HATE the MURDEROUS BITCH, but we, like they, need the VOTES. At least these people are AMERICANS and not people who are paid to take.

    • Larry Velasco

      I voted “YES” on Prop 8 in California but those liberal butt-heads didn’t allow it after WE passed it twice. So, some might ask, WHY VOTE? I’ll tell ya WHY. IF, that MURDEROUS BITCH hillary gets in, we are FORKED. She is EVIL. She and barry soetoro hussein are the two most CORRUPT, DISHONEST, LYING, and in hilary’s case, MURDEROUS people ever to be or run for president in OUR country. It’s time for real AMERICANS to stand up and let THEM know, WE are through with all of their BS and are, CAPABLE of FIXING THE PROBLEM. THEY, are the PROBLEM. So, maybe THEY are smart enough to know who WE mean. VOTE TRUMP. I don’t like homosexuality either. I dislike it as much as I HATE the MURDEROUS BITCH, but we, like they, need the VOTES. At least these people are AMERICANS and not people who are paid to take.

  • Nancy Montoya

    Bob, I praise God that Jesus doesn’t see the world through the eyes of man, he looked to us sinners with love/ compassion, our vote for Trump should not change because he chooses to show compassion to the gay community. I believe he, like many care that these people are not hurt, killed because they are gay, just like I wouldn’t want to be killed because I am a believer in Christ!

    • eassa

      Nancy, you need to open your bible and begin to study what God’s Word says on this subject. God’s eyes are clearly on those who love him and those to reject him. Those who disobey the Creator will be eternally punished.

      • Nancy Montoya

        A president is a leader for all the people, he is not voted into office as a pastor. I understand clearly what the bible states about those who reject Christ. How can anyone say because Trump accepts these people support, he holds their views. When Jesus fed the multitudes I am sure all walks of life sat and ate, he fed them all alike. The word says he was moved by compassion, you act like God is done saving the lost!!

        • eassa

          Nancy, do you understand the serious consequences to the Lord’s church, to the Bride of Christ with both Hillary’s and Trump’s support of the gay community? I think not.
          Here is one more quote from Trump and then we can discuss what his statement implies. Sue O’Connell interviewed Trump. Are you aware of who Sun O’Connell is? “When President Trump is in office can we look for more forward motion on equality for gays and lesbbians?” “Well you can, and look again, we’re going to bring people together, and that’s your thing and other people have their thing. We have to bring all people together and if we don’t we’re not going to have a country anymore.”
          This interview was done during the primary campaign season, after the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision.
          Nancy, what are the implications of Trump’s answer to O’Connell? Let me guide you through this. Gays already have the right to marry…and now all the benefits that come with marriage. Trump has given his approval of men and boys entering female restrooms, locker rooms and showers. These have been safe places for women since the beginning of mankind on this earth, at least in societies where women were not slaves and captives.
          When Trump says, “we’re going to bring people together….We have to bring all people together…” what does this say to you? Here is some food for thought. Gays are not going away, they are not going to stop marrying their same-sex partners, or adopting little babies and children. So who is going to have to “come together” for a peaceful societal solution?
          It is the faith community, Nancy. Believers who follow the Word of God are going to have to be silenced for this peaceful solution.
          Christian universities, Christian school, Churches are going to be forced to hire gay staff, gay teachers and gay professors. Christian organizations will have to follow the genderless potties and so forth. Ministers are going to be forced to perform gay weddings or go out of business so to speak. Legislation against “hate speech” has already been passed and more “hate speech” legislation will be forthcoming in the next 2-3 years. This “hate speech” legislation will make it against the laws of this land for ministers, pastors, preachers, teachers, professors, parents to teach God’s law for marriage, for sexual relations, and so forth. Ministers, pastors, preachers, teachers, professors, parents who read what the bible teaches is so many passages and in an abundance of Scripture will be put in prison. Parents who teach their own children the Word of God will have their children taken by the state, and the parents will be put in prison.
          This is already happening in nations around the world, and it will be a fact of life soon in our nation.
          God’s Word is the enemy of satan and those who follow him and they will not be happy until it is against the laws of all the lands to punish those who believe God designed a man for a woman and a woman for a man. They will punish children who listen to their mothers and fathers.
          Trump will push this anti-Christian movement because of his personally held opinions and actions. There is no candidate, from either the Republican or Democrat Parties, who will protect people of faith. There are other plans against believers in the making by these gay groups, but you can get the gist of the implications catered by Trump to Sue O’Connell.

          If you are a believer in truth, you should be very concerned about standing with Trump or Hillary.
          If you read I John 1-5 it is easy to understand that to please God, to love God, to know God believers are to live pure lives, as Jesus did. That light is to have nothing to do with darkness. And if you are familiar with Scripture you understand that believers are to hate wickedness and evil.
          We can be kind to unbelievers, not looking for ways to hurt them, but we are to tell them about God’s good and perfect will. That is going to mean that many of us will suffer, and those who refuse to speak the truth will be purged from the Body of Christ and eternally lost.
          Are you prepared to know God’s perfect will, to teach it and to suffer?

          Please forgive any typos and spelling mistakes, I am very tired tonight.

          • Nancy Montoya

            Eassa, first I just want to clearly state that the article in reference spoke of the gay community feeling safer/ protected with Trump as president over Hillary, after the gay night club killings. This was what the entire article was about, you are taking the entire article to mean something else. These people has human being, as you and I want a safer America. Now you not wanting to support Trump personally I understand. That is your right! Now we as the bride of Christ we are in this world, but not of it, meaning as long as we’re in this world we will see all kinds of evil, but we do not partake. So, you are afraid that Trump will bring all people together and what you are saying you will not come along side a gay person, really I’m concerned about you as a Christian, to be separate is to separate from the sin, you will have to live in a closet, I am not concerned about not having a country, I am more concerned about seeking the lost! Do you lie? Yet, God calls us all Liars. Even liars will not enter the kingdom of heaven. I have read, seen interviews with Trump. Are you aware he is a born again Christian? God called a Gentile from a pagan world to be the father of nations, Abraham! So why couldn’t God chose a man like Trump? Well, be at peace, don’t fear God is still in control!! Blessings!!

          • eassa

            Nancy, why do they feel safer? Have not I given good reasons for them preferring Trump over Hillary? Or is the only reason they feel safer because they believe Trump will put an end to the muslims? Do you believe that is the answer? Are you aware that muslims rape young boys frequently? That there is a great deal of homosexuality among islam? Are you aware that men are nearly as likely to be raped in muslim prisons as females?
            Nancy think about your statement. And think about who is going to be forced to change their belief system in order for us all to come together and sing sweet songs of unity???
            satan is the prince of this world, and you are aiding him. My original advice stands, open the Word of God and learn of His ways.

          • Nancy Montoya

            Eassa, apparently you have made up your mind and you have sentence the people to hell..Have you ever witness to a gay person, Muslim about Jesus? Have you put the word into practice? Have you laid your hands on a gay, lesbian and prayed over them? Really, so I am aiding Satan because I am defending their right to feel safe. You know nothing about my life in Christ, like you know nothing about their lives, but I believe that no one is unreachable! Just like you gave your sinful heart to Jesus, so did I and I pray many follow. Your advice is not one I would heed or trust, I prefer the leading of the Holy Spirit. Oh, so who do you talk to about Jesus? The same group you associate with, us 4 and no more? I know more about Muslims, gays and God’s word more than you’ll ever know!!! I am nearing 95 years of age, and I’ve been where you yet to go..I need my sweet rest… Sleep with the Angels🙏

  • eassa

    Where is the surprise in this? Trump has supported the gay movement for years. His support of gay marriage is easy to find.
    Here are a couple Trump quotes, which everyone ought to know by now. This is Trump’s statement after the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. “It’s only fair, a very strong domestic partnership law that guaranteed same-sex couples legal rights as married, heterosexual couples.”
    Before obama ruled that schools must allow boys and men in “women’s” bathrooms, locker rooms and showers, Trump opened the “women’s” bathrooms, locker rooms and showers in ALL his properties to men and boys. “Anybody coming into any of my properties, you’re genderfluid, you’re transgender, you’re questioning, WHATEVER. You can use any bathroom you want in a Trump Building.”
    Bruce Jenner was filmed using the women’s bathroom in Trump Tower. Everyone was so proud of Trump and his anything goes policy.

    I have more quotes if you need them, or you can do your own homework and learn that there is no difference between Hillary and Trump on the gay issues, other than Trump has been much more pro-active for the gay movement.

    Trump-Pence 2016

    • Larry Velasco

      IF, WE THE PEOPLE are deplorable, where the hell does that leave the MURDEROUS BITCH killary???? She should HANG with Assbama

  • Nancy Montoya

    Bob, oh I read my bible I understand the teachings very clearly! I hold the teaching of the Bible to my heart, hating sin does not mean I hate the sinner…so we speak truth with love!!! I will never close a door, opportunity to witness to anyone!!! Like I made a choice to follow Christ, they will make a choice, so in the meantime I pray we will never lose an opportunity to reach those that are in need of a Savior!! The Lord has delayed his coming that none will parish!!! I pray I can make every minute count, even dare to go where many will not!!! Remember it is always the religious, legalistic who have make it difficult for other to know Jesus!

  • Jonah Hirsh

    There is no other choice.

  • kathy diamond

    We must understand that Trump cannot help us, Help America unless he is IN THE WHITE HOUSE. For him to get there he must win the Election and he can only do that will the VOTES OF ALL AMERICANS. Not hard to understand. We are all American people. VOTE TRUMP/PENCE AND TOGETHER, LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  • Deb

    I have a gay brother and I want him treated with respect. Go Trump. We already know clinton threw all people in her bigoted basket!


    Lets just get Trump in the white house. Everything else will fall in place. On the other hand, if Clinton is put in the white house: we have two possibilities to worry about. If it is proven that she cant perform her duties as president, Obama will be with us another four years. That is the way the law works. This would be a loose loose situation for this country.

  • Original Anna

    Well, the LGBT starting going after Christians because we refuse to accept the sexual activity between two men or what ever number of men. To be a Christian they have to abstain from sex with men. Marriage and sexual activity is restricted to a man and woman due to the ability of a woman to have a baby. The homosexuals are in our schools teaching five year olds how to do homosexual sex and parents can’t say no, since I can’t teach my sexual activity in schools to other parents kids, why should homosexuals be allowed to do so. And now the penis in a vagina bathroom only tells me just how much homosexual men actually hate women. It is the true war against women. They want control over women so homosexuals can do what they want without women interferring. And this control just like in Islam starts with treating women like animals and identifying women as nothing but animals from the time they are little. They need to teach women that they have no right to demand that men being married to women are not homosexuals and homosexuals leave their wives in the future when the kids are grown enough to love their fathers to the point they accept their father’s homosexuality. This author has realized that by kicking Christianity in the butt, not allowed to be in our country’s culture, that the one group that wouldn’t kill them is losing its ability to the point that they can’t or will not protect homosexuals from Islam. LGBT’s hate for women and love of men is a bad deed and bad deeds always come back home to haunt you. I hope Trump isn’t going to keep throwing this pervert crap in our faces and keep forcing us to accept something that is sickening to us. As parents, it is our job to keep our kids from perverted sexual activity of adults. Schools are supposed to be safe places for kids not hunting grounds for perverts, and bathrooms are not places to promote sexual activity with kids or to teach little girls they are second class citizens because whatever the boys want as first class citizens they get what they want whether little girls want it or not. That stuff belones on porn sites. If we aren’t allowed to stop putting homosexuals above kids we might have to vote Trump out after four years. Abortion has brought a hate children attitude in this country and if they get born kids can be used for whatever the adult wants according to this sex culture being thrown at us. Christians do not go for this. If homosexuals want kids for sexual activity or to teach them to become adult homosexuals they should check out Islam because Islam allows kids from three years up to be used for sex and parents can sell their kids to adults for adults to use the kids for sex. Christians are to love kids (not sexually) but as God’s children and from the beginning Jesus considered and treated women as equals and children as God’s children. I hope Trump does not disappoint Christians because he has claimed he is Christian. I don’t consider Clinton Christian because she said abortion is legal and it is a health issue for women. I would like to know how a health issue for women ends in the torture death of a baby swimming around in its safe place. Health is supposed to be good not death and just because murder of babies is legal doesn’t make it morally right in the eyes of true Christians. Just because homosexuality via marriage is legal doesn’t make it morally right either especially when it involves homosexuals bullying kids organizations to accept homosexuals into the kids organizations so they have access to kids like the Boy and Girl Scouts, Church and Schools, wherever the kids are, homosexuals are the true bullies to watch out for. Thanks to homosexuals we now have to have two adults in a classroom with kids. If they want to go to the bathroom, the whole class goes with the two adults and two adults come down from the office so both girls and boys can go to the bathrooms. It takes away from teaching time and don’t think I don’t resent me being forced to worry about kids getting attacked by adults and other kids and distracting me from teaching, what my job is.

  • Richard C. Russell

    Donald Trump is running for President of the entire United States and all of our legal citizens, be they black, white, red, pink, gay or straight.
    Unlike Chillary who is running to further her financial interests and those of her elitist friends, to the detriment of our nation!

    To those ultra religious people, who object to Trump’s protection of Americans, who are gay, how does that go: casting the first stone if you are without sin? If you are really religious then, you should know as it is written: God will be the judge, not you, a mere mortal!

  • Flyby

    I’m not gay, but Bronies for Trump who are predominantly gay, have seen my pro-Trump Tweets and have commented to me. They’ve been intelligent positive Trump comments. So I say welcome to all Bronie Trump supporters. It’s time for a change from obama-clinton politics for all of us!

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    Don’t like gay people, they’re perverts.