Farage Endorses Le Pen

Brexit architect Nigel Farage has officially thrown his support behind French presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, as Sunday’s final round of voting approaches.

“I’m supporting Marine Le Pen, and if she fails this year, she will win in 2022,” wrote Farage in an editorial penned for the Daily Telegraph, assuming that if the French are not quite ready to embrace nationalism in the interest of self-preservation, they will be after five more years of globalist strip-mining and open borders.

Farage admits that he never favored an alliance between Le Pen’s party, Front National, and his own, UKIP, due to some of the more extreme views of Marine’s father, but that she has brought about a transformation of Front National that has earned his enthusiastic support.

“At no point in time did I want Ukip to do a deal with the French National Front,” Farage said. “The party’s roots were deep in Vichy and I believed anti-Semitism was embedded in its DNA. All this made it the wrong place for Ukip to be.”

“Then, in January 2011, an overwhelming vote of FN members saw Marine Le Pen become leader – beating Holocaust-denying Bruno Gollnisch.”

“From the start, she wanted the FN to be more like Ukip than the [British National Party.] I was told that this would be a nightmare for me,” he went on. “It was always monstrous that she should be judged in the image of her father – an accusation many still make today.”

Farage went on to refute the smears of the mainstream media, who never fail to tag Le Pen with the ‘far-right extremist’ slur – one they often slap on the likes of Farage and Donald Trump, for simply being opposed to globalism and tidal waves of Third World migrants pouring into the West.

“There is nothing she has said in this entire election campaign that I find unreasonable or extreme,” said Farage. “Indeed, she has a more rational line on Islam than many Eurosceptic parties across the Continent.”

“She is a sincere Eurosceptic, and under her the FN is about sovereignty, not race.”


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source: https://www.infowars.com/farage-officially-endorses-le-pen-if-she-fails-she-will-win-in-2022/