Political Drama

Failing Joe Biden Takes Desperate Shot At Trump

Image credit: TheHill

Biden knows his days are numbered.

2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden recently appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and asked why President Trump hasn’t condemn white supremacists and Neo-Nazis yet.

According to Breitbart, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Biden, “What are the consequences of a victory by President Trump in 2020?”

Biden replied, “They are going to change the nature of who we are for a long time. Our grandchildren are listening. The idea of a man belittling people, divide us on race, religion, ethnicity, based on the things that make up America is just incredibly divisive. You see, these white supremacists coming out from under the rock. He has yet once to condemn white supremacy the Neo-Nazis. He hasn’t condemned a darn thing. He’s given them oxygen. That will continue to happen. That’s who this guy is. He has no basic American values. He doesn’t understand the American code.”

You can watch a clip of Biden’s comments here.