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Democrat Says Wall Funding Will Never Happen

Recently on MSNBC, Sen. Mazie Hirono from Hawaii claimed that funding for the wall is completely “off the table,” after having himself voted against it.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur questioned the Senator asking, “You almost interrupted me when I was talking about Senator Schumer giving the money for the wall to the president. Is that — has that changed?”

Hirono stated, “Oh, of course. The wall is no longer something that — Chuck Schumer was willing to put the wall on the table, if we got a full DACA and full DREAMers, and that’s not happening. So that’s off the table.”

“I think there are a lot of Republicans who don’t think that spending 18 billion-plus on a wall is quite the way to go, and so, we’ll see. I hope that calmer heads will prevail. I realize that if the president keeps talking about wanting a wall, and then he talks about maybe it won’t be continuous, etc., then, you know, we shall see. But I’m very focused on protecting DREAMers and giving them a path to citizenship. I think that’s first and foremost what I’m going to be looking for as we negotiate come February 8th.”