Democrat Calls Sessions “King” of Racism

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters is at it again with her irresponsible tweets and statements. However, in what seems like a departure from her “Trump-hating” ways, Waters instead turns her eyes on a man whom she calls a “King.” Move over President Donald Trump, because according to Waters, Attorney General Jeff Session is king of a lot of things.

The tweet came on July 30, and had Waters making a bold statement that Sessions was happy with his “perch as the king of racism, police brutality, & the war on marijuana.”

Bold, indeed; stupid… most definitely.

No. 1, can someone really be the king of a war? N. 2, we live in a democracy, not a monarchy, so we truly don’t have any kings in this country. And No. 3, where is she getting this information from anyway?

Her statement that Sessions told President Donald Trump that he is “not going anywhere” and he is happy being king of these really terrible things makes absolutely no sense. I mean, there’s no question in anyone’s mind that this conversation between President Trump and Sessions never took place, outside of Maxine Waters’ imagination.

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