CNN Suggests Trump Is Abusive

CNN’s Erin Burnett stated to media that she believes President Trump’s management style was emotionally abusive.

Burnett stated the President “is a man who clearly thrives on creating insecurity in others. It’s how he’s operated in business. It’s how he talks to one person when another isn’t in the room. This is the way he is. This is something that people who have covered him and followed him have known for a long time. I mean, I’ve seen it myself.”

CNN referred to once when Sam Nunberg said Trump “didn’t treat him well.” And “[W]hat I learned from just talking to him, and from others now, is that there’s an amazing amount of guilt that Trump puts upon you, even if you are right, you are wrong. And that’s a bad way to go through life.”

Burnett added, “Well, and someone would say, I’m not a psychologist, but I think you could go in the emotional abuse — sort of — down the angle here, possibly.”