CNN Says Trump And Synagogue Shooter Had Alliance

Network chief political analyst Gloria Borger believes that calling the refugees which are making their way to the U.S.-Mexico border an “invasion” depicts a “perverted game of telephone” between President Donald Trump, Fox News and the alleged shooter at a synagogue.

Borger stated, “You know, this is like a game of telephone, some perverted game of telephone, to be quite honest about it. The president himself even tweeted on the caravan, using the word invasion, saying, ‘This is an invasion of our country and our military is waiting for you.’ Of course, threatening. And then you have—you have the shooter saying, ‘I like this.’ You have this parroted on Fox News. And so, look, you’re not going to draw a straight line between A and B here.”

“But you take a look at everything. You take a look at the general conversation and the shooter is like, ‘I’ve noticed a change,’ and, you know, ‘I like this.’ Well, suddenly they’re invaders. Suddenly the military is going to be there. Suddenly, they’re hordes, as Jeanine Pirro has said. And it goes on and on. And it’s a bad game of telephone. And very dangerous.”