New Jersey Governor Requires Bump Stock Surrender

As a final act in his position of the governor of New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie is threatening residents with only 90 days to turn in their bump stocks- or else.

There have yet to be any crimes committed in NJ using bump stocks, although Christie still signed the ban due to the Las Vegas attack.

According to, the actual use of bump stocks had already been banned in the state, so the new law that Christie signed will simply broaden that ban to include possession. Moreover, the new ban also covers trigger cranks, which were not even used in the Las Vegas attack. (This goes to the point that Gun Owners of America makes regarding ATF efforts to ban bump stocks nationally. Namely, that a ban on bump stocks will not stop with bump stocks. Rather, it will become an all-encompassing ban that can be expanded to included other firearm accessories when, and how, the banning authority sees fit.)