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Bill Clinton’s Secret Son Revealed?

This story’s been out in the public eye for years, but has been swept under the rug.

That may change after it was featured above the title of the Drudge Report, a conservative news website that gets more than 3 million visits a day.

The featured link  is headlined:







The link goes to the facebook page of Danney Lee Williams, who also refers to himself as Danney Williams-Clinton.

There, Williams writes,

My name is Danney Lee Williams, I’m the son of the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton.

His motivation for the facebook and internet campaign is the get the former president to admit his paternity or at least submit to a paternity test.

There are a few side-by-side photos of  the former president and Williams at different ages. Check them out for yourself.






While one may well be suspicious about the timing of Williams’s story getting more publicity a month before the election, it’s something that Williams has been talking about and trying to get the Clintons to deal with for quite some time.

Danney’s facebook page is part of a continuing effort to get the former president to take a paternity test to prove (or disprove) once and for all that Danney is in fact,  his son.

According to some reports, Clinton’s wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was responsible for quashing the story and banishing Willliams or his relatives from making contact with the Clintons in years past.

In an interview with Larry King, Trump supporter Roger Stone, author of The Clintons’ War on Women, talked about Williams:

“People need to know the true story of the Clinton crime syndicate. The most egregious thing to me here is that the mainstream media lets Hillary run around saying, “Black Lives Matter,” but they don’t address the question of Bill’s abandoned, rejected, mixed-race son Danney Williams. Danney Williams is a fine young man. He’s 30 years old, he’s a churchgoer, he’s built a small business, he’s put himself through college. But he is the son of Bill Clinton. His mother was Bobbie Ann Williams, a cocaine-addicted prostitute that Bill hired on several occasions to pleasure him. We know for a fact that Danney is Bill’s son because Bobbie Ann tells us she had not been with any other Caucasian gentlemen.

Danney Williams is Bill’s son, banished by Hillary. It’s Hillary who told his mother and his aunt that they’d be arrested if they came around. It’s Hillary who puts a private detective on silencing the rumors about Bill’s illegitimate son. It’s time for the Clintons to do the right thing: acknowledge, love, cherish, nurture your son. Don’t lecture us about, It takes a village to raise a child. Hillary, don’t tell us about our babies. Do the right thing by this upstanding young man…. Bill Clinton is worth $100 million-plus dollars. So I think black voters are going to go to Trump in droves when they learn about the Clintons’ abuse of their black son and the abuse of women.

This is not the first time that Hillary has faced questions about her actions to protect Bill from accusations by women that claim he had behaved himself less than honorably, and it won’t be the last. Clinton’s reputation for being a ladies’ man is common knowledge.

What do you think about Danney’s story? Should Bill or Hillary address it and take responsibility? Does Hillary come off as a hyprocrite when she attacks those who say that her husband has taken advantage of them?