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BET founder: I turned down Trump Cabinet position

Bob Johnson, a media mogul and founder of the BET network, told CNBC Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump offered him a position in his Cabinet at a meeting earlier this month.

“It was an easy discussion, because I wasn’t coming there on a job interview,” Johnson told CNBC said. “He hinted at something I could be interested in, and I quickly shut that down. It was a Cabinet position.

“But I can’t work for the government … because to me as an entrepreneur trying to work in a government structure where you got to go through 15 different layers of decision-making to get want you want done doesn’t fit my mold.”

Johnson also said he didn’t think Trump is a racist and that the president-elect will be looking for opportunities to work with African-Americans.


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Source: http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/307876-bet-founder-trump-offered-me-cabinet-position-and-i-turned-him