Bernie Sanders Claims Trump Wants to Divide Us By Race

Disgusting Senator Bernie Sanders decided to go on TV and make this egregious statement about the President of The United States:

(Trump is) “trying to divide us up by the color of our skin.”

A portion of the official transcript reads:

JOHN DICKERSON: Joining us now is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, he’s in Burlington. Senator Sanders, you tweeted something this morning about the president and his meetings overseas. You said, quote, “President Trump has never met a leader of an authoritarian nation that he didn’t like.”

And you named Russia, China, Saudi Arabia. Is that really fair? President Obama hosted a state dinner with the Chinese president. He was quite solicitous of the Saudi king. And he tried a reset with Putin in Russia. Isn’t this what presidents do?

BERNIE SANDERS: No, you want to make friendships. You want to have good relationships. But at the same time, as we have a president attacking the media every day as fake news, encouraging Republican governors around the country to suppress the vote, playing the race card in the sense of trying to divide us up by the color of our skin, by the country that we came from.

While he’s doing all of these things, he has wonderful things to say about Mr. Putin. The idea that he reports back to us that Mr. Putin said that Russia did not have anything to do in terms of interfering with our elections, and he believes him, while he does not believe the intelligence agencies of the United States of America, is beyond absurd.

With such fake and absurd allegations against the President, we have only been left with an even worse taste in our mouths than before.