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Army Sec. Wants to Use His Position to “Crush Evil”

President Donald Trump’s pick for Army Secretary is taking some heat this week as liberals around the country are trying to stir up outrage about his so-called ultra conservative views on Middle East refugees and transgender rights.

By any measure, Tenessee state Sen. Mark Green has markedly different views from the Obama administration’s last Army secretary, Eric Fanning, the first openly gay man to hold the post. If confirmed, Green’s policy decisions would be a direct reflection of his conservative views.

And those views are bringing a storm of liberal criticism in Green’s direction, as the conservative Washington Examiner, the liberal Huffington Post, and other news outlets reported this week.

The controversy stems from comments Green made to an an online radio show last year about government being pressured to allow transgender people to use whatever bathroom they choose. Green said state governments can decide that issue individually.

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