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Are The Primary Elections Rigged?! Watch CNN Anchors BLOW UP Debating It!!

In a really good debate on CNN, Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany makes the case that Democracy is being subverted and the opponents of Trump are silencing Americans’ votes, while Tara Stetmayer offers the contradictory point defending the process.

It turns into a knock down drag out brawl!!

Watch below:

I gotta give this one to Tara, as she totally lays down the law on why the primary elections are the way they are, while Kayleigh just seems to offer mindless talking points that don’t really prove what she says.

So are the elections “rigged”? Or are they simply reflective of the messy way that Democracy works itself through a Republic with political parties?

You let us know who you think won the debate in the comments section below!!