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Acting FBI Director A Clinton Ally

Andrew McCabe, who was sworn in to replace former FBI Director James Comey as acting FBI Director, has ties to Hillary Clinton.

McCabe, who was sworn in Tuesday morning, first made headlines in 2015 when his wife, who was running for a Virginia State Senate seat, received nearly $500,000 in campaign donations from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a known Clinton ally.

Incidentally McCabe headed the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails at the time, and was criticized for not recusing himself from the investigation following the revelations.

“We’ve never had a thing like this in the history of our country,” then-candidate Trump said at a rally.

The Virginia Democrat Party pushed back, saying that McAuliffe “supported Jill McCabe because he believed she would be a good senator. This is a customary practice of Virginia governors.”

“Any insinuation that his support was tied to anything other than his desire to elect candidates who would help pass his agenda is ridiculous.”

Watch as McCabe praises former FBI Director Comey.


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source: https://www.infowars.com/shock-acting-fbi-director-a-clinton-ally/